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marcus dawkins


Location: Union, SC
Zipcode: 29379
Country: US


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dry hair

By: marcus dawkins
Posted in:
Can anyone tell me wat i can pt on my hair to keep it frm gettin dry lik a oil or sumthang i am 2 munths into freeformin
Thea Whitter C
10/04/13 10:13:21AM @thea-whitter-c:
I have been using jojoba oil as well as a lil castor oil..., works well!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/29/13 07:25:25PM @soaring-eagle:

if your not african ameriican then you want it somewhat dry

if you are ..pure aloe from the plant or jojoba oil is best

if u use sea salt ..stop thats drying it out too much

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