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prevent roots dreading

By Manj, 2013-02-19

I think I am about to start my dreads again. A reaction to shampoo caused me to comb them out last year even though they were coming along nice.

One thing I noticed is that my roots began to dead quite tightly and I was just wondering if there is a way to stop roots knotting all the way to the scalp? Also, would anyone happen to know how well hair grows once its matured.


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By Manj, 2012-03-29

Dear Diary...

So its been about a month since I last took a pic of my hair...Noticeable changes have certainly occured though only small to see.

One fat dread towards the back which is the eldest n loves to draw as much hair as she can towards her. I call her shaman dread, she's the witch doctor n we all love her. I shall dress her with a special bead when her time is right.

an upside down congo?!.. a section of my hair has already started to form a tight dread at the tip causing it to be blunt and its working its way up 3 sections of hair (its a 3 forming 1 dread!) reminds me of a climbing plant. makes me proud to see it grow from just being a baby loop!

and one more is forming in the same way, her younger sister I hope she's not as greedy.

some more sections have started to knot at the sides of my head but these are thin and one of the youngest compared to the rest and I like the variation

Overall, everyone is doin just fine, lots n lots of congo-ing happening and its rather exciting I don't feel like tearing them apart just yet I feel as if they need to mingle and get to know one another.. all these years of beingseparatedstrands.

so far so good!

about 10 days before the 2 month mark, all my hair has sectioned and knotted except for a bit under my hair...last night I had to pull apart a dread as it was causing a sore spot from roots that were being pulled :( . I found one dread that has sucked up about 4 or 5 smaller ones, that's going to be a fatty!
I also decided to count them and came to around 38 so far...I hope this will increase!

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Meaning of my dread journey.

By Manj, 2012-04-11

I am posting this as a reflection of the meaning belonging to my dreads and their journey to maturity.

Its important in life to keep track of who you are, to keep a strong mind and a loyal heart. Most of all we should always learn from our mistakes the first time round. I lost sight of all these and as a result
Im experiencing a bad patch within my relationship and friends surrounding it

I started dreads the natural method last year but decided not to carry on, all the doubts and thoughts in my mind about how I would look, what people think etc. But now its not just a look to me, Its a lesson to be learnt and a journey for me to mature alongside my dreads that Ive dedicated to my love and a reminder to never lose sight of who I am.. to be strong, smarter, patient and most of all loyal and selfless.


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By Manj, 2012-04-09

My hair finally realised its not going to be combed...anddecidedto knot up after a wash! good progress so far I'd say... the next good sign will be the formation and maturity of locks.

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