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I wish..

By: ☮MamaKittyLove
Posted in:

I wishthat I could take my family and run away.

We'd run to a forest and live in a tree or to a beautiful field full of flowers. Id love to live in a place where I can lay out and have the sunshine tickle my face and not have to worry about a building covering me in shade.I want to wander the earth barefoot and dance with the wind in my hair.

I feel that I am at a pause in my life because I am not fully happy with how things are going lately. I wish that Anthony loved nature as I do, I wish that he wanted to explore. I wish we could pack up and leave and go live wherever we choose to.I want to take my family to a beautiful place where we can laugh and play, not have a care in the world. I want to see butterflies kiss Aiden's nose and for him to be truly happy. I want to sing on a mountain top and to have not a single car in sight to ruin my vision.

I feel like we're stuck.

Florida seems to be sucking my happiness away.

I hate it here.

christina popejoy
07/18/12 08:13:30AM @christina-popejoy:

I hear you mama, I know its tough when your stuck in urban jungle, By husband and I have moved to the city of Bath UK, He grew up in a place of ancient woodland called the forest of dean and I grew up near the sea, We both miss the natural environment dearly, and again our busy lives stop us from getting out half as much as we would like, All i can see is a quick snatched walk by the canal or watching a bird flit around the garden or an unexpected walk in the woods makes it a little bit better. And everytime we do get the chance to escape for a bit to the woods or something it feels like christmas!!

07/14/12 09:16:18AM @mamakittylove:

Oops. I mean born and raised :P

07/14/12 09:16:02AM @mamakittylove:

I am bored and raised here. I got married and had a baby young so it kind of halted my adventures of life. Camping by me there are only expensive cabins, plus my husband works so much there would be no time to take a mini vaca into the woods :( I just want to move away from here. Everyone is either overdosing and dying or too old and dying. Old people love living where I do lol.

07/14/12 01:00:14AM @valrie:

In what ways are you stuck there? Is this where you have always lived or is this a husband-work relocation issue?

Anyhoo, I'm at the opposite end of the US so I'm not sure of Florida but, are there areas for camping near enough to you? Maybe you can take some trips to help ease your malcontent?

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