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Had my little bundle of joy:)

Mamaa Wolf
02/27/11 08:46:45PM

Jan 31st, at 11:17pm Harmony Estelle was born at 6lb 15oz, 19.5" long :) Perfectly healthy and a day past her due date. She has changed me so much since the day i conceived her, I have grown SO much over this time & love being a mama. We've already had some challenges, i got mastitus two days after my milk came in, was put on antibiotics(YUCK) and had an alergic reaction, teach me to ever take those again...and had some trouble teaching her to latch on, but now we are progressing and doing much better:) She is a beautiful little girl & i couldnt be more proud. Of course i still have some concerns like always, like i DO NOT want to raise her in the town im living in, such a materialistic world..and i dont want her in public school either. So any advice from any parents who are living on the road or off grid i'd love to hear from you on you guys are doin it! Also, my babies dad and I split when i was about 6 months prego(I was married to him and he walked out on us and said he wanted nothing to do with us) and then the day after she was born he contacted me letting me know he now wants to take me to court for atleast partial custody of my baby...that he walked out on, which is devastating to me...because he has money and is threatening me with lawyers and i am nowhere near capable of affording a lawyer. I hate that all of this is going on, i dont want to be involved with anything court related, especially over the one thing that means everything to me. So also if anyones gone through this...please throw in your advice on how to go about it? Love and peace to all, any helpful words are always much appreciated!

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