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dreadlocks shampoo
M Jones


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/25/11 10:38:56AM @soaring-eagle:

Carissa H
06/16/11 02:53:18PM @summer-kryptonite:
sweet, yours too. i was outta state that weekend, so keep me posted on shows.

Jordi Lund
05/23/11 12:31:53PM @marlon-moorer:

hey! thanks for the add! yours dreads reminds mine (shape and years)

And I'm also in a metal band hehe

Carissa H
05/12/11 02:14:01PM @summer-kryptonite:
hey man, nice drumming. lemme know about a show. i'm in knoxville pretty often.

Adrian Keenan
07/18/10 08:40:34PM @fanci-taylor:
thanks :Dand yes... yes they are X)

K Michelle Sanders
07/11/10 09:36:10AM @cricketine:
thank you so much for your great words and support :)That is really so nice of you..

K Michelle Sanders
07/10/10 04:35:34PM @cricketine:
:)..well, I am limited to just one for now..I just try to be patient and wait for a year till I get my own place, go to uni, cause my parents are not actually excited with the idea and I need some piece and quiet till I leave..So, it's all about my single one so far..:/

K Michelle Sanders
07/10/10 10:37:11AM @cricketine:
hey there dear..thanks a lot for the request :)..your dreads look really beautiful;)

The Apprentice Shaman
07/08/10 06:28:24AM @celeste-rosella:
Fanx for the add, Ian :)

Robin Schmauss
06/30/10 12:50:08AM @tara-c:
wow,thanks man!:D

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