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Lyon Unverzagt


Location: Redmond, OR
Zipcode: 97756
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/17/11 11:21:37AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but wax and crochet are both extremel=y bad ideas

Dreaded Friend
07/11/12 06:03:56PM @dreaded-friend:

What in life inspires you most - either a hobby or passion or some kind of theme or look - monks, Hobbits, Indians with their bright colours, Gurus or spiced foods - whatever - and there you will be able to make a more informed decision on where to go overseas!

I find these days googling helps with expanding the knowledge of far away places :)

Daniel Loewen
04/13/11 03:37:50PM @david9:
new zealand looks sooooo breathtaking it must be great for hiking, canada is really pretty but not where i am :\

Daniel Loewen
04/11/11 04:44:43PM @david9:

haha thanks, i have a mild obsession with him :P

how do you like new zealand? i'v always wanted to go there!

Jenna Covington
09/20/10 08:05:10PM @the-dreaded-atheist:
thanks man! there out tho lol. nice dreads yourslef

Jerry Strook
05/24/10 02:05:59AM @sister-phobia:
hey dude, oh true that you another cool :) thanks for the add...

Jerald McGowan
04/19/10 03:51:17PM @anthony-malette-aka-tman:
Thank you, yours make me excited for the next few months of growth! I'm on week six and the progress is slower than I would like it to be.. I stopped the waxing last week after I heard it's no good

Jerald McGowan
04/19/10 01:46:32AM @anthony-malette-aka-tman:
how long have you had your dreads? and did you use dreadheadhq?

Holistic Humanist
04/11/10 10:28:40PM @carisa-joy:
hows things bro? april 20 2010 is my one year date. neglect mostly for mine - and it shows. i think this site has given me the nuts to stay on that road and away from ways of the products / shop dread.maybe one day we'll catch up with each other. until bro - take care.arf, porirua.

Darcy Whittaker
04/06/10 09:41:52PM @sylvahnna-awen:
wow - your status is sooooo true! Love it.

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