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Little Shroom Child


Location: Jamestown, RI
Zipcode: 02835
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/26/11 04:18:06PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome u should remove the wax and throw away the hook the hook will backfire mangling the dreads making them look more ratty as they recover ..throw it away join the crochet recovery group i would never poke holes in your dreads all your doing is breaking hairs

nice to meet u sis


Connie Smith
08/12/10 06:43:16PM @andrew-shirley:
Duuude I'm hopin my dreads end up lookin somethin like yours.. What's the answer. What do I needa do?

Kane Easson
07/09/10 01:24:27AM @pan-the-woodland-nomad:
My hair was very long when I started dreading, I have a photo of the day after I did my dreads, you can see they are long already, so its kinda like cheating :) But that is what makes your journey so much more special, as you can see them grow, like children, growing, changing, learning...

Kane Easson
07/08/10 09:03:30AM @pan-the-woodland-nomad:
Thanx :) Amazing dreads... Oh and the piercings...

07/01/10 01:16:54AM @gadabout:
Sick dreads how big are your sections??

Earth Mama2
06/01/10 07:35:53PM @francyne-young:
lol, your welcome :D

04/06/10 05:00:54PM @winter:
haha yes. I have learned to be patient.. I used to just sit there and be like this is wrong with this one. This one is loose in this spot.. yada yada. I just let them do their thing... :)

04/06/10 04:38:54PM @winter:
slowly but surely lol:)

04/06/10 04:30:20PM @winter:
i love the thickness of your dreadies :)

04/06/10 04:27:56PM @winter:
for sure :)

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