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So it happend again/ life troubles :(

By: Lindsey3
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Last night i combed out a little section of my hair. I was thinking about taking my dreads out and wanted to see if it was possible. Im thinking about looking for a full time job, and thought it would be easier to do so with out my dreads. I know i know.. i shouldnt compromise my hair for a job. part time just isnt paying enough for everything i need. and id like to find a monday-friday so i wouldnt have to work saturdays so i could spend time with my boyfriend.

Now that ive thought more about it though ive been thinking about going to school. then i could keep them and get a career and not just a job. trouble is ive already been to school and i droped out. It was just really hard and i didnt know what i wanted to do, and still dont. i dont really want to pay an arm and a leg to study things im not even sure i want to do for the rest of my life. so i really still have no idea what i want to go to school for.

and still dont know if im going to comb out my hair or not. i just feel so confused... THIS SUCKS! at least i managed to figure out what to cook for dinner... on a positive note lol

05/10/12 06:10:07PM @lindsey3:

Thats a good idea.. i found a cool site that will match you up with things that interest you. I think i might do this walk/ veiw the scenery thing with disabled people i found on there. that sounds like fun. i like being outside and i bet that would make some peoples day!

Tara C
05/09/12 09:16:58PM @tara-c:

If you had the time, maybe you could try volunteering with different kinds of things that interest you, just to get a feel for them, or see where your passion lies.

05/09/12 06:44:01PM @lindsey3:
Im not sure if ive found my passion yet. I love animals but i dont think i could do the whole vet or animal shelter thing. id want to take them all home, and theres no way i could stand to see them hurt. or have to put one down. id love to just go to school and study all kinds of stuff unfortunatly that would cost a lot of money. im lucky to have a job that will help pay for me to get one degree.. they pay me back for the classes i take as long as i pass them. just dont know what degree to get. lots to think about. im interested in a lot i guess i just gotta find one and just do it.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/09/12 06:35:19PM @soaring-eagle:

whats your passion/

what do you care about

you dont got to choose what to study to get a good career you can study what makes you happy what keeps you interested and turn that into a way to get by

you figured out what to make for dinner

think yiu could figure out how to feed a few others?

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