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lauren calvert


Location: north shields
Country: GB


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/12/11 12:10:01PM @soaring-eagle:

03/13/11 06:57:57AM @mzjae:
pardon this long silence

12/27/10 05:17:21AM @mzjae:
forgine me brothers for tis silence cause is clear, happy new year,and long life for you and for your movement

Connie Smith
08/07/10 08:50:09PM @andrew-shirley:
Duuude it's been a Lil bit.. Hope all is well. I wna see some pics tho bro! U gotta get on it! Lol i'm too curious!

denise iesha alice shannon
08/06/10 12:02:33AM @cindy-lillemo:
It's your birthday, it's your birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a fantastic day my sweet friend! XOXO

Danielle Cacioppo
07/22/10 05:38:36PM @jesse-rose:
Sending ~~**LOVE**~~

denise iesha alice shannon
07/21/10 01:04:06PM @cindy-lillemo:
Hey were on my mind and I just wanted to stop by and give you a you!

Connie Smith
07/18/10 08:42:59PM @andrew-shirley:
Yo man where did u say ur gma got that book on makin the tams?

denise iesha alice shannon
07/13/10 09:17:18PM @cindy-lillemo:
Red Ribbon

denise iesha alice shannon
07/13/10 09:16:27PM @cindy-lillemo:
Hey! Between you and I, some people are really not nice and maybe they need a anger management class or something. I appreciate you and I hope you don't let mean people make you feel bad : )

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