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Kristen Youngberg


Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/03/11 09:43:29PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome crochets very very bad for dreads throw that hook away and join the crochet recovery group

03/21/11 06:03:29PM @lisa4:
always love meeting people. im usually about or into something somewhere in town, hit me up when youre settled :)

Rick M
01/06/11 03:02:19PM @ko-nyein:
nice locks bro

10/24/10 01:14:51PM @lisa4:
hiyanice to 'meet' someone sort of local :)

Kyle Milburn
06/05/10 08:00:49AM @isolated-biological-phenomenon:
nice dreads man. cant wait til i get there..

Laura Goodwin-Wood
12/12/09 12:55:52PM @elodie-grace-young:
hey man nice to meet ya!

Al Wilson
10/29/09 08:46:34AM @christopher-ogden:
hey there frankie! welcome to the forums! so glad to see your shining face!! <3 love that sweet family for me!!

Isaiah HigherClass Venn
10/27/09 08:42:29AM @ashley-michele-boles:
Welcome!8 years, are coming along superbly!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/26/09 06:19:27PM @soaring-eagle:
ah ok ..we'll have a bus so gonna be wanderin all over ..thought u might know some good mining spots all over the country..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/26/09 02:51:29PM @soaring-eagle:
u mine those?we got a bus now and would love to do some crystal mining, but would really need some info on where to go..i mean i did mt idah before ofcourse, but id love to know other places for minin g all sorts of crystals

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