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@klarkins0917 • 2 months ago


08/10/16 12:20:13AM @klarkins0917:
Wow thanks for posting to me right away! I've been looking for a community for support while I'm beginning this journey and am glad to have found this!
I have been using tnr mostly.. I've tried backcombing on the ends of the one I just finished. I only have 2 and am working on a third.. I definitely have loved the results and its locking beautifully! It's faster and more even all the way around.
My name is Katy btw.
Thanks for welcoming me!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/09/16 08:09:48PM @soaring-eagle:


tnr is a lot beter then backcomb (less damage) though naturals best and that very long hair will dread fast naturally

that sometimes is the issue though..long hair dreading too fast to keep on top of separating..beads come in very handy to tame the process if they do dread too fast (ive seen hip length hair dread ina suingle night...not mature dreads but  every single hair mated into 8 huge dreads) that's the only reason to even considfer tnr with hair that long ..just cause it can dread faster then you can rare cases

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