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Brahmins of India, Surrendering to the flow, Ahimsa/symbolic of not ripping your hair out with the brush...Save water


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Amazingly sexy neglect method dreads at 3 months!

Category: People
Duration: 00:02:49
Super awesome 3 month old neglect method dreads! Go for it! Natural dreadlocks are beautiful and sexy :) I have Middle Eastern/Persian textured hair so this was effortless. I wash my hair 2-3x a week. I DON'T: palm roll, back comb, worry about he loose ends or spend lots of time...just kick back and let it do its thing...
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/28/15 12:36:27PM @soaring-eagle:

gorgouse and sexy! they arecoming along great

05/01/15 06:15:17AM @kianabroome:


I just finally became a member on here although this site provided me with a wealth of knowledge a few years ago when I did the TnR method. I only had them in for a few months. Then, 3 months ago, my neglect/freeform just happened. I felt like I owed it to this site to come on here and show the beauty that was created as a result of the wonderful people dropping the 411. Thank you Earth Family!!! I am super greatful for this site. Thanks Soaring Eagle for your time and generousity! Will be posting videos to represent Neglect/Surrender Method :) Paz

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