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kevin cleveland


Location: Wilmington, NC
Zipcode: 28401
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/23/11 12:18:18PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome the best way to start your dreads is to lose your comb

so open trash can toss it in then go live your life comb free

there ya started your dreads

08/19/10 12:23:51PM @mir:
Hm, possibly..but I was too busy staring at it in awe. Your such an amazing artist. :D Do you draw often?

Connie Smith
08/16/10 08:57:36PM @andrew-shirley:
Heylo like ur dreadsss.. How'd u start em?

Charles Ti Mega
07/07/10 01:26:22PM @niels:
cool and thanks!

06/28/10 09:04:02PM @tainy303:
Yeah! And my scalp kinda tingles after using it haha

Adrian Keenan
06/28/10 08:07:51PM @fanci-taylor:
I just felt the need after seeing your status haha

Adrian Keenan
06/28/10 11:39:49AM @fanci-taylor:
hahaha, rollin rollin rollinkeep this head high goinrollin rollin rollinroll back!;]

06/27/10 02:36:46PM @tainy303:
that's awesome! I try to make sure I use baking soda atleast once a month for a good deep cleanse lol

Caitlin Brynn
06/27/10 01:29:20AM @moyo:
lolthat's totally straight with meand that would look way cooler :Pall progress is good progress, kinda similiar with the whole growing dreadlocks deal or something i guesss lolI'd check it out if it works out,hope ur saturdays been good, peace again!

06/26/10 09:21:09PM @tainy303:
ummm apple cider vinegar and sea salt rinse once to twice a week and that's it haha

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