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Kelsey Joy


Location: Buffalo, NY
Zipcode: 14221
Country: US

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9 month dreadlock update!!!!

dreads are 9 months old in a few days! (natural method) sorry the music is so loud!!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/12/11 10:41:13PM @soaring-eagle:

you'll feel right at home soon as u get there

10/12/11 10:32:48PM @sunshine:

I am planning on going to the gathering this summer. I have a friend that says she will go with, Im not good in new crowds, but im stoked, can't wait! [:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/12/11 05:21:18PM @soaring-eagle:

awesome just say when

Kelsey Joy
10/12/11 04:56:30PM @kelsey-joy:

thank you everyone! and se id be so down for a road trip haha!!! i really want to go to a rainbow gathering!! and sorry about the music there was so much noise outside i could barley hear the music playing from my comp the video picked it up alot better than my ears haha

10/12/11 08:01:47AM @sunshine:

aw yay, they look awesomeeeee!!!!!!! lots lot loops and swirls! I can't wait till nine months for my dreads, Im about to be at one month! haha

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/12/11 02:27:40AM @soaring-eagle:

you and your dreads are amazing :) so now that u drive yoir gonna come get me and we'll road trip together huh? i couldnt hear u with that annoying music tho

10/11/11 10:50:56PM @hippiegal:

Great progress! All those loops and wiggles give you locks character. There's beauty in very part of the journey. Look forward to your next post. :D

Castaway J
10/11/11 10:48:04PM @castaway-j:

i know, i have to try not to take pics every day, and i NEVER used to take pics of myself lol right on, cant wait for your next update

Kelsey Joy
10/11/11 10:21:21PM @kelsey-joy:

hehe dont worry i'm not going anywhere! this process is too exciting not to share with you guys every step of the way :)

Castaway J
10/11/11 10:16:53PM @castaway-j:

wow your locks are looking real great. please dont make up wait till 12 months!

haters gon hate, let em. i like the haters in my life, they show me how not to be...constantly ;)

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