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Keaton Miller


Location: Ben Wheeler, TX
Zipcode: 75754
Country: US


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My Journey

By Keaton Miller, 2012-01-23

I started my dreads on 12-23-2011 by just losing my brush and using a residue free shampoo. I had tried the back combing method about 7-8 months prior and had screwed it up entirely I had used Dread Wax(the Devil) and had to brush them all out 3 days later. It was a very painful process in which I lost a lot of my hair. Over the next 8 months I let all the short hairs that had ripped try catching up. At first I set a goal to not wash my hair for a month to let them start locking up then I would do a wash once a week or so after that. After a week of not washing I started researching and people were saying that clean hair locks up faster so I started water rinsing with hot water to cut back on how greasy my hair is every day or two and now I wash ever 3-5 days which has helped tremendously I feel like my hair is actually locking up faster than expected. Ill update this blog as much as possibly I dont really have many pictures over the first month but ill post a few.

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