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Kayla Moon


Country: UM


Commented on: dreadheadhq and knotty boy bad dread products real reviews

Kayla Moon
02/21/13 02:36:14PM @kayla-moon:

I had used the dreadheadhq dread kit about 10 years ago. My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) helped me with the whole backcombing and rubberbanding process. By the time she was done I looked a lot like Sideshow Bob...then we waxed them and I looked exactly like Sideshow Bob.

The wax was gross, it would get on my pillow and on my face when I slept and the shampoo made my scalp really dry and itchy. Anything and everything would attach to my hair and I constantly had lint and whatever else in my hair. I lasted about 6 months with their process and decided to brush my "dreads" out. The brushing out wasn't hard since they never started to lock up. The problem though came from the wax, I couldn't get it out. I ended up cutting my hair just to make the removal of the wax easier.

I really cannot say one good thing about dreadheadhq. They are extremely misleading and sell a bunch of junk in order to turn a quick buck. Stay away at all cost.

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