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Katrina Randall


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Update, update, update.

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Amber J
01/17/11 11:14:24AM @amber-j:
Oh i still get that "Ohhh you took your dreads out??" or "Whered your dreads go??" mine are two months old now, and i expect that reaction for a bit longer because my dreads are still loose and crazy and dont look all that different from my curly hair everyone was used to before my dread journey began. With that being said, i love my dreads, and have learned that patience is key :) Soooo girly just let your hair do its thing, you wont regret it!

01/16/11 05:15:51AM @dave2:

You babble so informatively,lol.

Hope your new dreads stay in this time they look good and will suit you well and congrats on dumping the meds.It's no good putting on bandaids when you cant stop the bleedin,meds are used to try to balance an unbalanced system when what should be looked at is what is causing that imbalance in the first place and wow you'd be surprised what can mess with your head.

look forward to your next babble :)

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