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Karrington <3


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5 Month Dread Update

By: Karrington <3
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Hey guys!

Happy February!!

My dreads are 5 months old today woot!

As some of you may or may not know, my dreads started out as twists that I re-twisted about once every 3 weeks and then it dawned on me, this is a waste of my time. So I stopped re-twisting and have let them dread on their own accord and the results have been tremendous.

They have come such a long way in these short 5 months and I'm looking for more to come.. The dreadies are essentially (for the most part) dreaded.. There is just like an inch or 2 at most on the ends of each that aren't dreaded..

In my opinion, they have progressed quite rapidly in the past month or so. All thanks to not re-twisting anymore. For reals its not necessary.. Here's to 5 months and many more to come!

<3 you all

Karrington <3
02/08/12 03:57:25PM @karrington-3:

The thought has crossed my mind, but most of the dreads are too fat on the ends for me to be able to put a bead on them properly.. :'(

I have just decided to play the waiting game.. Thanks for the comment though!

anna b
02/08/12 10:59:38AM @anna-b:

have u tried putting a bead on the end so they dont loosen? but yeah ur dreads look awesome, good luck!!

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