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Karrington <3


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Second Month Dreadversary

By: Karrington <3
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So tomorrow is my 2nd month of dreads.. I'm really pleased with the progress that My dreads have made. I feel like I can finally call them dreads because they look and feel more like dreads now then they did in the beginning.. I think its crazy because I found a few loops in them and I had no idea African-American hair looped up like that.. it blew my mind.. lol.. I like all the changes it is making in my life and all of the complements I have gotten.. I have decided to change my eating habits and to stop smoking to aid in the dreading process so they will be happy and healthy with me.. :)

My boyfriend is even on board with the idea as well and I think he likes it because he can see my progress and I think that since it isn't happening over night, he can get used to the idea of it.. I'll post pics tomorrow of the ones that are super dreads..

I also think its cool hoe they are choosing to dread, some are starting towards the root while others are starting in the middle and working their way up and down my curls.. just a cool tid bit..

Welp, thats about it for me tonight.. Peep the pics tomorrow or Wednesday.. :)

Much love, CIAO!!

Karrington <3
11/01/11 01:04:09PM @karrington-3:

I was surprised that mine did it too.. haha.. :)

I posted some pics by the way!! Go take a look :)

11/01/11 12:21:36AM @kathleen:

I can't wait to see your pic's, including your loopy ones!!! I was surprised mine did that too even after starting with twist and rip.

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