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Karrington <3


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Quickly approaching a month

By: Karrington <3
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Ok sooo, I haven't made a post about the actual 3 week mark or the 4 week mark, so I'm going to lump them together since there are 4 weeks in a month and September is almost over *tear.

Umm so the back and the sides are progressing more rapidly than the top is.. That's kinda cool haha. And I have noticed my inner beauty shining through :D people have been nicer to me and a lady at my church (whom I rarely talk to) said that I had pretty skin the other day.. I thought that was sweet of her to say.. hmm also I have been making more jewelry again.. Haven't successfully done that in a while..

I'm also trying to teach myself to crochet, but its not going as well as I'd like, I'll keep trying though.. That's pretty much it.. I'm going to try and post more pics mid October so you all can really see the differences and changes/progression.. Ciao! Mmmmmwahh!

Karrington <3
09/28/11 07:22:55PM @karrington-3:
You better believe it.. Its like a feeling that is hard to describe.. Almost like the first scissor cut into a fresh piece of construction paper.. I like it :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/28/11 07:19:51PM @soaring-eagle:

see u feel the dreads growimg within you as they grow ontop of you

isnt that cool hopw they change your wentire relationship to the world?

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