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Kara Sabin


Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/02/11 05:20:39PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome unfortunately wax is pure evil and just stopping use isnt good enough u gotta remove it all which can take months of exrreme effort

09/02/11 04:46:33PM @exalthimx7:

Hiya Kara'] Welcome!!

12/21/10 09:39:09AM @deviant-kitten:
all is calm here..Merry Christmas my friend..nice head!

Caleb Forbes
06/05/10 04:12:12PM @slade-leman:
im srry, it would take more work to use the other one. hah i typed that wrong on the last comment.

Caleb Forbes
06/05/10 04:10:51PM @slade-leman:
use the 1.75mm cuz ur hair is thicker. it would work better. it would take longer and more work too. go on and look up,"how to tear and rip dreadlocks". its the best method for ur dreads. it keeps them very strong and very tight. trust me. hah. i couldnt even tell u how good it works.

Caleb Forbes
06/03/10 07:33:07PM @slade-leman:
but let me tell u this. honestly do them yourself or have a friend do them for u. its not worth payin 300 to 500 dollars to get them done. trust me. if i were u i would do tair and rip. then use a 1 mm croshay hook to tightin them up. backcombing is painful. tair and rip makes them tighter and stronger. i did backcombing the first then they came undone. there was a lil bit of dread left in each one so we did tair and rip yesterday and they r very tight now. but u may do it how ever u feel. im just givig u good tips.

Caleb Forbes
06/02/10 08:54:11PM @slade-leman:
well ur hair is perfect. BUT, if i were u i would wait just a little longer. theres many ways to get locks. theres the natural way, backcombing(ur hair isnt long enough for backcombing), tair and rip, wich thats ur best bet. but u should wait till ur hair gets atleast 6 inches. wen u dread ur hair it gets shorter. so u should wait. srry. if u did them now they would be about an inch and a alf long. srry buddy. lol. it sucks waiting, but one thing is u need to be patient. does ur hair grow fast or slow??

Caleb Forbes
06/01/10 09:11:08PM @slade-leman:
welcome brother. im glad u found us here. its very peacefull with a lot of wonderfull people. if u have any questions about your locks or anything, just let me know and i can answer them proudly.

Ash M
06/01/10 09:02:54PM @stephanie-seale:
mate thanks for the comments ^^ well just be patient, it's worth it, you'll be soo happy when you're there ;)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/29/10 12:09:41PM @soaring-eagle:
while youir tryin just throw away your comb and stop conditioning u might find yu dread before u can find someone to help u dread

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