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Location: Alameda, CA
Zipcode: 94501
Country: US


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Photo on 2011-08-30 at 23.13 #2
updo tucked in
lettin it all hang out


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/09/11 02:50:38AM @soaring-eagle:

02/20/12 01:33:23AM @neova:

i just read youre page 'about me'. i must say it was really touching (:

Spider Feet
11/05/11 11:18:28AM @spider-feet:

amazing story.

02/22/11 02:05:37PM @flower-fmb:
Wow you are a complete inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Austin Coton
11/04/10 08:48:02PM @lilmrs843:
Why are you cutting them down?

Austin Coton
11/04/10 08:46:40PM @lilmrs843:
No way!! you play the didgeridoo? That's awesome!! I've been playing for almost a year now, it would be awesome to get together and play for ol' big Senator Tree. Did you go to paralounge? I sure did and it was amazing, went on friday. Anyway, let I know if interested. this page I created to get didge players to join and create didge circles!! Good day...

Ganon Fraser
08/05/10 06:09:14AM @adrian-pacheco:
Powerful story, my mom has an ex ( ex next 11th thank god and sadly my dad ) Who makes and made our lifes hell atm his latest thing was getting me,bro,sis taken away from a great person, you bring me great inspiration for justice, God bless, have a great life, peace.P.S, I love your dreads! hope mine form alright, somedays my hairs wavy somedays straight like, 6 months nature negect, in your locks locks the story you have told, That makes your dreads even more better!

Lydia Wetzel
07/07/10 04:38:07AM @resi-beatz:
Do ya know how much I loves ya sisiter?

06/19/10 09:11:21PM @judy-nesbit:
Just finished reading your story, very inspirational.

rikkilee harkins
06/19/10 01:18:51PM @rhiannon:
I love your sweet story. It's so honest and makes me want to know you. Thank you for sharing yourself.xoAimeCageFreeMama

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