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kaleb Perez


Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/12/11 05:03:36PM @soaring-eagle:

denise iesha alice shannon
12/20/10 02:36:58AM @cindy-lillemo:

Heard it is your birthday tomorrow...Happy Birthday! Sending warm wishes for your happiness!

denise iesha alice shannon
08/18/10 10:15:30PM @cindy-lillemo:
Oh no! I am soooooo sorry! I shouldn't have assumed you speak Spanish there! But Portugese is very beautiful! I was looking at your pictures, they are great!!! Your little girl is precious. Please forgive me again for my Spanish...I am glad we are now friends! Hang in there with your dreads, I think they will be fabulous!

denise iesha alice shannon
08/16/10 12:27:45PM @cindy-lillemo:
Hola! Hablo un pocito Espanol...Estoy feliz porque nosotros son amigos! Buen dia! : )

Angel De La Riva
07/27/10 09:54:21PM @kendle:
just stopping by to say hi and see how you and your dreads are doing

Marie Nadine Pierre
07/06/10 10:36:08AM @rainbow-wannabe:
hola hola hombrethanks for das friendship and kind wordsNamaste

Autumn Armstrong
07/03/10 01:20:27PM @brian-anderson:
Thank you so much you've got a good vibe too.Everything my way is good, thanks, the sun is finally shining and spending lots of time with the family at the beaches and lakes.

Autumn Armstrong
07/01/10 11:44:23AM @brian-anderson:
Hi Rodrigo, just stopping by to see how things are going with you.I noticed your status, hope everything okay. Hugs to you.

06/25/10 11:23:31PM @maggie-sheehan:
Hello brother, thanks for that friend invite :)your photos are amazing !peace

Joe Dreadhead
06/23/10 04:34:51PM @purkurr:
thanx for add!

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