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Kaila Gareau Kangas


Location: Sudbury
Country: CA


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they are getting long
A good dread day
3 weeks off Hooking
One week no Hook
Jan 2011 started my dreads
Oct 2011 back of my head
Nov 2011
Aug 2011


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/01/11 10:48:09PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome crochets very bad for dreads throw that away and join the crochet recfovery group stop using lemon juice! if u ever color treated your jhair the lemon juice will be very bad to use especialy

start doing the acv afyer the bs and add aloe or jojoba u can use both cause you got to loosen up thart tightness from crochet alot ..eniuygh to begin to dread right if u crochetted for many months the recovery can take a very liong time

07/23/10 12:30:28PM @curly-redlocs:
alrite man thats awesome

07/21/10 07:07:04PM @curly-redlocs:
damnnnn, that sux well if u ever go global post a thread or comment on me or sumthing cuz u got mad talent man and ur shoes are hot bro keep it up haha how long u been doin that type of stuff

Connie Smith
07/20/10 09:35:26PM @andrew-shirley:
Gnarly bro.. Cheers to our dreads! N I'll letchu kno if I can work up enough money..

Connie Smith
07/20/10 09:12:34PM @andrew-shirley:
yaaa all natural.. seems like the only way to go now.. how long would u say ur dreads are now? im sure ur hairs alot thicker than mine so i really cant compare but im tryin to get a lil bit of confirmation that it wont take 6 months for me to see anything.. hopin for the best! n duuude theres no way i can pay over a hundred bucks for some kicks right now.. lol bouta start school at a new university n im gna be broke! if shippin ever goes down somehow let me kno fasho! if somethin happens n i do have enough money tho, i totally want a pair.

Connie Smith
07/19/10 11:04:36PM @andrew-shirley:
Ya bro ur profile said u used the twist n rip.. I tried but I cannot get anywhere with it.. Mines crocheted right now but I'm tryin to take everyone on here's advice n just quit messin with it n let it go naturally. Cnt wait to see some results of natural dreading but my hairs sorta short n strait so it might take a while.. N I totally want some unique kicks. Like somethin I kno Noone else has. I just can't stand wearing the same thing as someone else n shoes screw me on that often. Lol what would the shipping be for U.S.? I'm not in the best money situation rite now so Ima have to take the cheapest pair I can get from ya but I can pretty much guarentee they won't be the last. Do u just draw on em or what?

Connie Smith
07/19/10 09:30:45PM @andrew-shirley:
Yo man how is the t & r comin along for you? I cannot get the hang of it! And also how much u sellin the kicks for? Just some slip ons..?

07/18/10 10:23:35PM @curly-redlocs:
hey man anytime in the future when i have enough money i would like to buy a pair of ur slip ons man u gotta site i could order a pair over the internet?

07/16/10 01:07:00PM @braann-paxton:
i wash my hair once in a week :)) i also tried washing my hair with baking soda it works great.

07/14/10 12:22:58PM @braann-paxton:
I just wash it with sea water or salted water. btw what method did you use? Im doing natural method.

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