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Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
Zipcode: 91360
Country: US


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10/19/11 08:38:04PM @cam:

Thanks for the supportive words and kind spirit! May you find nothing but joy for you and those around you!

Drea Nicole
10/15/11 12:13:56PM @drea-nicole:

hola amigo, pleasure to link with ya! Sweet body art and dreadation!

Mary White
08/08/11 05:33:45PM @mary-white:

Is that a shell one? Bottom Right.. the grey and white one? I like it! :)

Mary White
08/05/11 01:40:00PM @mary-white:

That's cool. I understand. Still gonna get you some pics.

Mary White
07/22/11 04:36:58AM @mary-white:

Haven't heard back from ya? Still want to trade beads?

Electric Mama
07/13/11 12:21:31AM @electric-mama:
No, I am pretty sure you rule!!!

07/04/11 10:15:38AM @georgiafreespirit:
righteous! thank you for the nice words. i sense you have those positive auras about you :)

07/01/11 04:41:50PM @georgiafreespirit:
thank you for the request brother! namaste :)

06/30/11 12:58:31AM @xxmercy:
haha hellooo=]

06/24/11 08:50:51AM @punk4peace:
thanx for the add dready friend...

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