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Location: KayBee
Country: BN


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After a good wash my dreads feels great
After washing my dreads
A few weeks after i finished my dreads
Is it normal?
My hair now


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/31/10 06:07:48PM @soaring-eagle:
tnr is great theres links to a guide over there---> and vids too

Shuk Coot
08/31/10 06:30:47AM @shuk-coot:
dude thats perfect, the one that you twist n rip. how big is it, an inch? people recon 1 or 1/1/4 inch.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/29/10 03:43:07PM @soaring-eagle:
welcomenatural dreads are best ofcourseglad u joined usnamaste

Shuk Coot
08/29/10 11:00:31AM @shuk-coot:
Welcome to the site bro, You're on good hands now haha, People are knowledgeable around here. peace. why dont you post up an introduction ad your questions on the home page. They'll comment you up real soon.

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