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@jzithulele • 2 years ago • comments: 0
a case of the mondaze 2 months in. lots of loops and knots all around and many in back are knotted from the tip to almost my scalp. Stoked on 8 months. Really cool to watch mine mature, and im sure some of you with a hair type similar to mine have seen this too: When all the hairs have clumped together i get all these hairs that stick out of the dread in little loops. So then the dread looks like a bottle brush with all these little loop hairs sticking out. Then ive noticed those loops tangle with each other and lay flat, and when they do i can run my fingers in any direction on the dread and nothing sticks up. Once the loops lay down the dread also thickens a lot and gets squishy and not so hard and dense. So cool to see this locking process and my dreads take form. Stay knotty, friends. pretty much everything is sectioned and knotted together. Just waiting for them to dread all the way to root and tip. Progressing fast, glad i started the process when my hair was short.
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