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08/19/12 10:22:06PM

This is a list of resources I have compiled about the harms of circumcision. I will keep it up to date =)

Medical Circumcision Video (Please watch without children around, with the volume up)
History of Circumcision:
Regarding Myths About Circumcision:
Anesthesia Ineffective for Neonatal Circumcision:
Effect of Neonatal Circumcision on Pain Response:
Circumcision Trauma and PTSD:
Circumcision Effects Breastfeeding
Circumcision and HIV:
Circumcision and UTIs:
Note: Most UTIs in intact males are associated with improper care of the intact penis. In a male infant, the foreskin is fused to the glans of the penis. You are never supposed to retract and intact infant penis, as this can lead to bacteria being drawn into the skin as well as scar tissue and adhesions. See this video by Dr. Bob Sears for info on proper intact care:
How Circumcision Damages Sex For Men (Including Erectile Dysfunction) & Women: (not safe for work or minors)
See the Vast Difference Between the Intact and Circumcised Penis:
Circumcision and Judaism:
NOTE: Jewish males do not have to be circumcised as children. According to the Torah, they can be circumcised as adults if their father did not have them circumcised during infancy. This is a great option because it respects the mans right to choose circumcision for himself, if this is what he wishes, in adulthood. This respects the mans right to choose what religion he follows in adulthood and what religious rituals he would like to take part in.
Circumcision and Christianity:
Circumcision and Islam:
Foreskins Being Sold to Cosmetics Companies:
WHO Circumcision Bias:
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