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Jules Purnell


Location: Portland, ME
Zipcode: 04101
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/19/12 03:24:33PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome take off the bands right away!

then just let them dread

Elizabeth Hemphill
06/12/11 04:12:28AM @kimmy-smith:
I didn't do anything to em, they just locked up really quickly for some reason.

05/18/11 07:46:44AM @becca-casto:
lovin ur page...expecially that u love rainbows and maynard james keenan...both beautiful things...namaste dready sista.

Emily Peckham
05/14/11 10:48:36PM @william-selfridge:

WOW!...Thats super bright then! you have to use a toner on those products I take it....have you found that Hi color is better than other coloring agents...? Sorry I have so many questions..ahae...just wanna make sure I dont' mess up my hair!

Emily Peckham
05/14/11 05:45:38PM @william-selfridge:

HEY!....I was wondering what do you use to dye your hair...I have bleached my dreads twice and now I want to dye them pink! yours it's super cute!

05/12/11 11:06:25PM @ghosst36:
Haha! I love the weather, it keeps everything green! My dogs love that park too!

05/12/11 09:12:06PM @ghosst36:
I'm momma, so I mostly hang out with my little ones. Walk to the parks, go to the zoo, walk down to ruston way and let them play in the sand, walk the dog. Sometimes my husband watches the kids so I can go out.I want to go to the gathering, but might just be a day trip. Depends on where in WA it is. Last I heard it was still just "somewhere in WA"

05/12/11 12:38:38PM @jayyson:
Awesome:) I love it here! I haven't started my dreads, I actually got on here because I wanted to start some for a friend of mine but then she moved away. I would like to eventually dread but probably not for a few years at least:(

05/11/11 10:17:22PM @ghosst36:
*small world

05/11/11 10:16:11PM @ghosst36:
Hi Lexz! Nice to meet you! Small word. You're super close! I over closer to UPS. I haven't gone to the 6th ave bars in ages.

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