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Uk dreadies attending Palenque Rainbow Gathering!

Uk dreadies attending Palenque Rainbow Gathering!

A group for anyone planning on attending the Palenque Rainbow gathering Dec 2012 from the UK !

Discuss travel plans, arrange travel partners, get inspired, inspire others!

Are you traveling to Palenque 2012?

Would u like to but feel a little daunted?

As Mr leary said...Find the others!

Any seasoned Rainbowers...advice,guidance and inspiration much appreciated : )

This will be my first Rainbow, at present the average flight prices to stay out there for the month are about 600 quid..

But of course there are many other things to consider

So come on fellow United Kingdonians, surely there are enough among us enlightened enough to attend the greatest event in History

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@jonathan Peers @☮ soaring eagle ॐ

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