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JoAnn Price


Location: Jacksonville, AR
Zipcode: 72076
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/07/11 11:04:12AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome u do not want wax at all u got to remove it also u do not want lemon juice or lime juice

wax is pure evil every trace of wax must be removed and lemon juice is curosive and will really mess up your hair

Jessica Summers
06/06/11 12:43:40PM @alice-lane:

When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

Peace & love,


Lauriee dread brannon
05/03/11 02:40:21AM @heindrich-du-preez:
HI Meg;)

Johnnie Elizabeth
04/07/11 01:36:21AM @lupe-espinoza:
thanks, meg! it's just bit frustrating at times when things aren't going the way you thought they would. i really hope that the flat paddle ones round out at some point.

K Michelle Sanders
01/20/11 07:40:27AM @cricketine:

it think i ll have figured that out when i start to dread the rest:)

and i d love to see that video:P

K Michelle Sanders
01/16/11 03:30:17PM @cricketine:

hihi, yes!!another one!!haha, to keep the first one company:P

i m thinking of starting them this least that's how i plan it now:P

one month old!!yay!!!

great great!!i d love to take a good look on yours while they mature so i get an idea about mine!!hihi..cause i m still not sure whether i just let it dread on its own, or help it a little by twist and ripping it ( i would anyway let some of it dread naturally)

so, can t wait to see how yours turn up as months pass!!;)

K Michelle Sanders
01/14/11 05:18:00PM @cricketine:

hey again dear..

I hope you do great at your exams;)

and i really sympathize with you too..

my dreadie is coming along beautifully!and my second one, the one i that started dreading on September is getting mature already!it is nice and tough towards the roots, then loose and tough again:P

in other words crazy:P

how are yours coming along?

and happy birthday by the way even though with a small delay;)

denise iesha alice shannon
01/12/11 02:50:38AM @cindy-lillemo:
Thank you're an angel. (((HUGS)))

denise iesha alice shannon
01/10/11 12:00:42AM @cindy-lillemo:
Thank you for the birthday wishes...please send your Dad my wishes as well, even if he doesn't know me! LOL <3<3<3<3<3We arelucky enuff to live another year...let's see what it brings!!

Jessica Summers
01/09/11 11:17:31PM @alice-lane:
Happy Birthday :)

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