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Uber Rant. Read i you wish.

By: Jessie Carr
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......FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!I haven't felt this angry in ages.A number of things is making me pissed off.1. My homeless, jobless boyfriend.2.The boy who got dreadlocks.3.The useless media teacher.4.Being moneyless and jobless myself.5.My path on finding religion.ugducgugcusvcuvuis!!!1 <----- ANGRY!1. BOYFRIENDHe's been living with me for nearly 5 months now, he's never had a job. Doesnt try and get one, pays my mum 15 pweek rent with tax payers money. REDICULOUS. Within 10 weeks he wont have a place to live because im going to uni and his family is going to wales.2. DREAD BOYMy bestfriends ex, first boyfriends whatever. I found out he was getting dreads. Hes gone all eco friendly etc which is good. I thought i'd lend him a few tips. I linked him to this site. "cool". =/ . whhuuuuu. I asked what method. Backcombing. "i dont really know much about them..."I saw the pictures ttoday. LUCKILY!!! they look wax free. but something wrong has definately been done to them. I have a sneaky suspicion a crochet hook was involved. because they are rather neat for backcombed. They look alright actually. he loves them. .....So does everyone else. Everyone has made a HUGE fuss over them. "wooowww"" awsssoooomme""" "maaaazziiiinn" etc.This never usually happens to me. but it has. Im properly jealous for the first time in YONKS. And its over THIS!?!?!? im annoyed. because one of my best friends who aways touches my dreads when im near her, i can feel the 'disgusted' vibes coming from her. she said his are "PURE AWESOME!" wtf. way to make me feel like shit.If only everyone had the knowledge of locking. Then theyd see who was better (me lol)BAH! annoyed. especialy as mine look a little braidy from t'n'r. People probably think its a poor attempt at dreads. when actually its alllllllabout the process. I know that mine are taking the better route. it just annoys me that this has happened. his are all puffy and biiiig and sticky out. everyone loves them.3. MEDIA TEACHER.Ive been taught how many chocolate bars I can name in an houri n his lessons. what a load of *. Im obviously going to FAIL.4. JOBLESSI need a job. Ican't get one. I have NO money for summer, no money for cutlery and things for uni. literally. not even a 1.5. RELIGION.I've been searching for a religion for months now. I just need something that I can always feel is there for me when im left alone by myself. I can't seem to find it andits making me lose my mind.There. im done.x
12/18/10 03:31:23PM @jdwood:

Life can kick you in the gut sometimes. I'm just going to comment on the religion problem you are facing. I was raised in a cult and after leaving I felt a void that I needed to fill. I search for a while to come to the conclusion that religion was a crutch for me and all I needed was to be at peace with myself but even if I am telling this to you it is important that you find your own path and if you do feel that you need a religion then make sure you are not being controlled by someoneelse'sideas and that you are not being used.

Amazing Grace
08/23/10 11:20:54AM @amazing-grace:
Agreed with Heather. he took the easy way out. Nothing worth having is ever easy. Heres how you deal with these things....Tell him to get a damn jobYou get a damn job yourself lolKill that boy with kindness...You dreads will get there. They look great now! just get over it an go on with your life.And look into Christianity. I believe in God an accepted Jesus as my lord and saviour. There are alot of ppl in the religion that are hypocrits an twist an mess with the meaning behind the word but those ppl arent worth your time. If it dont sound right it prolly isnt. God is always there for me. He looks over me an guides me an helps me get through the toughest times of my life.

Jessie Carr
07/18/10 05:30:05PM @jessie-carr:
naawww thanks everyone ^-^ dreaded zombie, i could call myself pagan but everytime i think about i feel odd. so.. yeah. i i had to pin point it for me it would be pagan, but for some reason i dont feel comfortable with it. I still celebrate all the pagan festivals though =]

07/17/10 10:26:27PM @ladyofthekastle:
I'm sorry you have to go through all of that. My boyfriend lives 1200+ miles away from me so I don't have that problem yet until he moves in with me. But I have the same problem with the jealousy...some Jamaican guy moved up to our town and was all flaunting his dreads. Which were totally waxed and gross and of course when I pointed that out he got all mad about me being white and not knowing what I was talking about and all I could do was storm off before I said something about him being a complete retarddd, The Jobless thing is probably part of every teen until they get the nerve to go ask around EVERYWHERE--which I haven't been able to do yet, so I stick to babysitting kids! @.@ not really my cup of tea either...Religion---I'm Pagan. I'm actually studying, have been for almost three months, there will be moments where I pause and consider if it's the right path for me, but life is short, and I know that--like you said, I'll need to know that something is there fo rme when I'm alone...and this seems to feel right in my heart, if you understand what I mean.Anyways, sorry for ranting. Sorry about all of the piss-off's.Good luck with feeling better, that's always a goal.And,Don't let anyone diss your hair. Your timeline kind of motivated me to continue my TnR-ing. lol.

07/14/10 07:50:53PM @spacemantravis:
ive got the same religion problem as you

Heather Gamble
07/14/10 06:34:55AM @heather-gamble:
gurl...your hair is freakin dude took the easy way out ..that aint wat dreads are about you know that! and you are just about the prettiest lil woman evar so thats pure awesomeness!!! let dude and his insta-dreads piss off...and anyone who thinks yours aint better

Shuaib ahmed
06/12/10 04:58:17PM @shuaib-ahmed:
confront your boyfriend and tell him to get a job and get a place oterhwise by september hes gunna be living on the streets. Don't pay attention to that "dreadboy" his hair will deteriorate while yours will turn into perfection and look even better and stronger.- I've seen your dreads and they looked sweet!!!don't be soo pessimistic about the media just be positive and you will pass with awesome results. I'm jobless too at the moment unti i get my uni loan!!!!! try going to a agency and they could probably get you a job quick but they may take a percentage of your earnings as they found the jo for you. As for religion I don't wanna tell you about my religion as I dont wanna seem as though I am trying to convert you but I think the best thing to do is learn about all the main religions, read the scriptures get translations and learn about their history. Remember the scripture shouldn't have any contridictions as it is supossed to be the word of God.If ya do have any questions about my religion i'll be happy to answer them to the best I can.......and have fun at uni, IM GOING THIS YEAR TOO!!!!! :Dxx

06/08/10 08:14:57AM @nikki3:
I went through something similar, except I didn't know anyone with dreads and didn't have them myself, but the boyfriend thing I can relate to, my now husband and I got pregnant and for about two months all he did was hang out with his friends and got high instead of look for a job, men have to find something they want to work for before they really get motivated(not all men but some). Sit down and talk with him, ask him his goals and if he doesn't have any then I would say move on, you seem goal driven and you don't need to be weighed down by someone who doesn't havve any. As for religion, its not wise to search for religion, I did and I just found myself more frustrated, now im a christian, and I'm not telling you what to have faith in, but you have to be called to your spirituality. God called me in and now I'm doing much better. Its not any easy road to follow, but having Him through everything helps me get through the days.

06/06/10 08:58:25PM @greygargoyle:
That is pretty a good way. It's nice to have something to believe in. I am a mixture of Christianity and Native American spirituality. Sometimes I feel more bound to one over the other but I'll never completely separate from one over the other.

06/06/10 03:14:58AM @greygargoyle:
1. I was jobless for two years. I almost became homeless. Being homeless isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is as long as you have everything figured out. But yeah, he needs to quit being a lazy bum. Make him get a job or ditch him.2. Who cares? In a few years he will grow out of dreadlocks and cut em off. You'll be on an amazing spiritual journey that will bring you a lot of enlightenment and you'll still have healthy long dreads to back it up. They're just vain idiots. They know nothing about dreads or the natural process. You're doing great, hang in there.3. Not sure that I can help you there, lol.4. Like I said, I was jobless for two years. You will get one if you keep looking.5. Never search for a religion. Just open up spiritually and either a religion will fall upon you and will accept you or you will just flow with mother nature and her energies and that's just as good as religion in my opinion.

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