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Jenny Lee


Location: Elizabethtown, PA
Zipcode: 17022
Country: US


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The Harvest

The Harvest

8 years ago - Comments: 0

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Mia Elizabeth
06/09/11 08:23:08PM @mia-elizabeth:

Hey Jenny! :) When you get a chance (If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

Peace & love,


09/19/10 01:12:53PM @recoverytrouble:
I know exactly what you mean. Even in an amicable split like mine was, it's still a bag of shit. I decided I probably won't ever have more kids purely for that reason, but "the glow" wipes me out whenever I get to hold brand new little bubbas too! It's amazing what we come from to grow into the giant freaks we all end up as:P

09/19/10 12:57:39PM @recoverytrouble:
Well it's not something to rush into:) when the time is right you'll sprout a gorgeous lil family and be the proudest mum ever. It's really one of the best feelings in life, but certainly a major life changer.

09/19/10 12:41:54PM @recoverytrouble:
Hey you're welcome, and thank you, my boy is amazing hey:D

Lacie Blaze
09/17/10 06:44:38AM @lacie-blaze:
Welcome to the site! :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/16/10 08:29:50PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome neighbour beautiful dreads but please dont crochet themcrochets sooooo bad for dreadsdont worry they will recover just never use the hook again and y7ou'll be ok

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/30/11 04:24:09PM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/30/11 04:24:09PM @soaring-eagle:

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