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hey guys

By: Jen
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so my dreads are coming along nicely. i have some huge matted bits in some of them and my favorite one has a big knot at the end of it. I love to hold it and feel around. Every day is like a new adventure. Seeing what ones are progressing and deciding which side i should sleep on the next night. the ones at the back are finally starting to come together. Also some of my loose hairs are beginning to form some cute little baby dreads. overall the braided look that twist n rip gives them is starting to dissipate. Im super happy. Ive never been this happy about my hair in my entire 21 years of life. Every day i wake up proud and absolutely in love with my hair. i adore it. i love looking at other peoples dreads as well. they are all so individual. YAY

03/22/12 11:03:42PM @jen:

Thanks Change!!!! im glad i made ya smile ^_^. I feel like everyone has their own unique dread journey but for a lot of us it brings us to the same place. ya know? <3

Castaway J
03/22/12 11:00:54PM @castaway-j:

thats so awesome! im glad to have read this because you made me smile a lot because your absolutely correct! im glad everyone out there can be happy about something, its always been about the little things like this huh! GREAT POST :D

03/22/12 10:47:45PM @jen:
yup, idk why but i feel so positive now. I also feel like im being more true to myself. Thanks to this site i did them the right way to. sure i wish i went completely natural but im happy with where i am. Thanks SE!!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/22/12 10:41:18PM @soaring-eagle:

i know they really do change your outlook huh and make you happy :)

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