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My dready update. 4 days.

By: Jen
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So my little dread babies are coming alone nicely, at least i think so. A couple in the back have a lot of loose hair and are unraveling but i figure if they come undone then i can have a couple natural/neglect ones form. It helps that i am a rough sleeper, every morning when i wake up i feel around and they are considerably more knotted up. Some are already quite tight. I'm not sure what shampoo to use, i plan on buying bar shampoo soon, for now i have been using baby shampoo, despite it's sulfate content :( I like the loreal everpure sulfate free shampoo but i worry that it's too conditioning. It also has a heavy frangrance. I washed them once so far with a sulfate free shampoo for oily hair because all the exposed scalp made my oils glands produce a little more than usual so i got them good and clean. Then sat in the sun for several hours to aid in the drying process. I have blonde extremely thick curly hair i mean like shirley temple shit. so my hair is already beginning to lock in small areas and im super happy. though i know i might run into some setbacks i am optomistic. i just want to treat my dreadies with LOVE

03/16/12 04:10:33PM @jen:

okay thanks! i just did it actually. the only thing i am worried is that i didnt get all the leftovers rinsed out. but i made sure to take my time and try to rinse really good. im super excited for these natural dreads to form :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/16/12 03:43:31PM @soaring-eagle:

who knows hahs i guestimate and been meaningto get accuirate measurements (based on my pour what seems right method) but most use a average 2 tablespoons per cup or 1/3 cup per gallon but those 2 dont add up right so your gues is as good as mine the acg weaker ..lot weaker till more dreaded

03/16/12 03:23:08PM @jen:

awesome! thanks. right now its just a monetary issue. i am dead broke so i cant even afford proper shampoo. :/ soon though. what is the correct measurements for BS/ACV?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/16/12 03:18:09PM @soaring-eagle:

id switch to baking soda or the shampoos soon asap those are probly all conditioning and leave residues

not to mention sls

other then that your good

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