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My first rainbow

By: Jdwood
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It's because I found this site that I learned about the rainbow gatherings. I became very interested in the idea because I am very strong on freedom helping my fellow homo sapiens living close to nature and not depending too much on thesystem.I looked around the net to find the closest gathering. I found one 5 hours from where I live. I must say I have mixed feelings regarding myexperience.

When we first arrived(me and one of my closest friend)we were notgreetedat all and no one offer to help...not that bad but I expected at least a hello. After finding a spot to set up camp we looked around to figure out where everything was. After finding the main circle we watch a bunch of people in a circle holding hands taking turns talking ( holding aspeechstick) it was more of a "preachy" kind of vibe then an actual speech and I found that most where not that "real" it seemed like an act, very elitist and cultist vibe.

We went back to our car past the welcome site to get more of our stuff, after passing by the people (for the second time with out a hello) who where there to greatarrivalsone asked me if I was going to town I said no I am going to get the rest of my stuff he said "oh I was going to ask you to bring us back some poutine" (frenchfries with sauce and cheese curds a popular Quebec dish) Wow! I said to myself these guys have some nerves, they do not even say hello and they ask me to get them some food...

The next day I make a big pot of tea (chai tea withchocolatealmondmilk) I walk around offering it to people I meet they are verythankfuland love it. I hall some water to the kiddy village and then two more 30literwater jugs to the main kitchen. When I get to maincirclewith the water I ask where is the one even looks at me I ask again..nothing.Finallya beautiful tall woman says "oh is that for the kitchen" I say yes she answer it's that way..thank you! I get to the kitchen no one looks at me I ask where to I put this..again nothing so I just put them on the grown. I walk back to get some 40 pound bags of carrots...same reaction no thank you or even a look.

The next day I meet up with an amazing guy I met who is from Alaska Tom, very cool and "zen" young lad we talk and drink tea. I learned a lot from our conversations.

Me and my best bud we spend the next two daysgreetingand helping newarrivals. We are told that we are the most helpful and greeting people at the rainbow...and it's our first.

All I can say is that I think I would like the National gathering more and that I did meet a lot of amazing people that I will never forget but the over all vibe I got was not good and we did not stay as long as we planed. It was still a educatingexperience.

08/18/11 09:06:08AM @jdwood:
The council was gathered in a circle and I was not the only one outside the circle but that part was not as bad as when the meeting was over and I was bringing some food and water to the kitchen...the people that seem to be "in charge" or the elders or what ever they call themselves seem to be more preoccupied with their ego then with the human side.It was a rainbow gathering for sure and it was their 25th. Maybe two or three of the older guys seemed very legit and I would have probably got along very well with them but the where more in the 'back ground' not drawing to much attention drawn to themselves. It was the younger ones ,the next generation of warriors, that seemed to be there for the "label" it gave them if you understand what I mean. The gathering was north of Tmiscouata lake.I really enjoyed greeting and offering some food and tea to new arrivals, they really appreciated it and it felt good to help was good for the soul.all in all is was still not a bad experience.

Torie Shea
08/18/11 12:02:23AM @torie-shea:
Hmmm, that is to bad, I wonder why that was the situation. I am glad to hear that you ran into some cool people and made some friends. That sounded kind of awkward though. Nationals will not be like that.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/17/11 11:53:00PM @soaring-eagle:

weiiird what gathering was this? and the council you wazlked in on is a deep proces full of tradition sio it might seem odd if you just walk up on it but if you sat down and took part in it youd realize its worth but this does not sound like any gathering experiences ive ever heard of thk i do headr some of the international ones can be sorta "touristy" haha even the problem gatherings like ocala are more freindly then this..this just sounds odd..the opposite of what ive experiences

i mean gatherings i go to traffic stops for hug breaks ion the way in your grreeted long begfore yoir even there

and welcome homes got a mealk ready gfor ya b4 u even head down the trail

and hell just getting down the trail takes 5 times longer then it should cause ppl keep stopping you to welcome u home

where was this gathering and are u sure it was a rainbow gathering not the peace conspiracy gathering of the tribs psudo gathering?

08/17/11 11:45:54PM @jdwood:
I don't think the nationals have the same vibe..talking to Tom who was at the Washington gathering his description of the National gathering seemed to be more what I would be in to.

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