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Dreads and labels

By: Jdwood
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I guess it's just part of our nature to label things and people but sometimes it just get on my nerves. A lot of peopleassumethings about you based on your looks and EVERY body does it.

I do not smoke weed

I am not vegan or even a vegitarian

I am not a hippie

I am not a 'peace and love' kind of guy (piss me off and you will find out)

I am not a pro animal rights activist

I do not believe fur is murder

I did not go the natural/neglect/traditionalway because it was 'spiritual' I was just lazy( but I dounderstandthespiritual reason alittlemore)

I swear drink beer and love to eat meat ( some times all at the same time :) )

This list is based onassumption a lot of people make on me before they get to know me and when they do they are like " oh youpracticemartial arts? I'msurprised" "oh you eat meat?" and so on.. it is starting to bug me...I guess I'll get used to it like most things .. just needed to talk about it here.

No offence to any body just venting. Be who your are regardless oflabelsthat's what is important IMO.

12/28/11 02:29:22PM @janice:

I laughed out loud when I read this! Good on ya, bro. I always find it amusing when servers direct me to "the vegetarian portion" of their menus! hahaha ummmm.... NO. I mean, I kind of like the idea, but not enough to actually *do* it. and LOL @ swearing, drinking beer, and eating meat - all at the same time! hahaha

08/02/11 07:02:47AM @jdwood:
Thanks. Just to clarify my beliefs I know we are animals for sure but the definition of murder is the killing of an other human something that I believe is wrong and that is punishable by law. On the other hand killing is something everybody does in one form or an other, example I ripped out a bunch of weeds in my in my garden the other day, yes I killed all of those life forms but I did not commit a genocide. I appreciate all of your comments BTW. Keep them coming.

08/02/11 02:54:11AM @dave2:

The term human is a form of mans hubris, we are all animals and humans are in reality the dumbest and weakest.

Your always welcome in my house with such an honest attitude mate.

07/31/11 09:49:20PM @jdwood:

I like the saying of my Scottish clan "aut pax aut bellum" either peace or war. Ibelievein peace but don't fuck with it or you will get war, it's simple but it's a nutshell of some of my beliefs. I love humans but not all people and cultures..some cultures I dislike and even hate. I believe in a lot of human rights but there are that HUMAN we created the concept of rights and some believe that this concept should be applied to animals. Sure if youbelieveit fine but why must some force it on others? It's a human concept...I guess it all depends on what you value more human rights or animal life. I see those people like anti-abortion activist stopping people at the clinic, forcing there belief on others.

07/31/11 08:06:52PM @exalthimx7:

LOL JD'] I eat meat and I love a Sam Adams cream stout once in awhile, too! I love people and peace but I also like my 2nd Amendment rights']

07/31/11 07:26:27PM @jdwood:
Lol! no I don't think it's perfectly fine to murder whoever I want ( I don't want to murder anybody for now lol) Murder is a human concept. Killing is perfectly natural there a difference IMO.

!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
07/31/11 07:20:50PM @soaring-eagle:

ok but umm u do realize to get a fur off an animal u do have to remove its skin right? so how can u not believe fur kills? thats not an ethics issiue its a fact of life to remove ones skin is deeadly so u cannot dispute that fur is murder

however you can make the argument that its perfectly fine to murder whoever you want to and if thats your point well..i'll be keeping my distance just i n case

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