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Location: Janesville, WI
Zipcode: 53546
Country: US


Blogs: 23
youtube videos: 8
images: 284
audio tracks: 27
videos: 3


streams: 7
video file: 17MB, 00:03:40

Lauren Kochanowski
04/19/13 03:24:33AM @lauren-kochanowski:

I love it!!! I wish I had nice long hair like u - I am 6 months in myself and all my hair has been doing is shrinking!!!!!!

04/08/13 05:48:33PM @taye:

very lovely :)

Castaway J
03/31/13 11:59:19AM @castaway-j:

Sweet they are doing great! They are nice and big! Ive been considering letting a few congo now I think I will :)

Wolf's Rain
03/22/13 08:39:00PM @wolfs-rain:

Nice :-)

03/22/13 07:59:43PM @jazzymomma:

hee hee aww i feel soo loved u guys :D peace an bless all

03/21/13 05:50:18PM @squidfase:

lmao..that look at 1:46. They are looking epic awesome my friend.

Cole Morton
03/19/13 04:18:57PM @cole-morton:

beautiful!!!! I have been keeping a video log for my own personal use. I should have posted it instead of a photo timeline. Probably would have been easier. Your dreads are looking fantastic love!!!!! XO

03/19/13 08:16:31AM @chris7:

Nice! :)

03/18/13 09:38:01PM @naturaldreads01:

Your locks are looking absolutely wonderful. :D I agree with The Hippie Circle :D.

Duncan Dodsworth
03/18/13 03:22:21PM @duncan-dodsworth:

love it lol:)

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