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Location: Valley Center, KS
Zipcode: 67147
Country: US


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Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot
mohmoh and me
Baldy (Early spring 2011 - after 2 years of Dreads!)
me and Kassem


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/21/10 08:32:35PM @soaring-eagle:
happy spring planting beautiful onei miss my garden

01/13/10 06:51:07PM @d:
Which gathering? If your travels take you through Colorado make sure to hit me up. Blessed Be.

Dustan Snow
01/11/10 01:02:04PM @dustan-snow:
Thanx for the pic comment

01/08/10 05:45:40PM @d:
Hope you had a grand new years as well... No big plans for the year at the moment but I'm sure the will be plenty of good times to go around.I'm sure there will be plenty of outdoor activities and concerts on my agenda. Any big plans for you this year?

Lonnie Berg
11/11/09 12:05:48PM @lonnie-berg:
I'm doing great Pretty One, thanks for asking. Hope the world is treating you well also, Much Love, namaste'

11/10/09 07:43:54PM @d:
Thanks, how are things going for you? I'm trying to get a job as a manager at a medical marijuana club...there are a ton of applicants so if you can send some good energy my way and have a great week.

11/02/09 10:02:24AM @d:
Love your profile... I have very similar spirtual beliefs. Where is Valley Center in Kansas? Hope you have a wonderful week, blessed be.

Lonnie Berg
11/02/09 12:39:20AM @lonnie-berg:
Seen you were online Pretty One, thought I'd stop by and dance with ya,Luvn' Huugggzzzz

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/20/09 07:28:39PM @soaring-eagle:
hugs sweety :)thank you for being afriendjust want ya to know i appreciate you

does it matter
10/12/09 02:48:32PM @does-it-matter:
kansas huh? what the hells in kansas!?? :D

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