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Jaquerian McCain


Location: Birmingham, AL
Zipcode: 35215
Country: US


images: 21

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MyLocs 6-21-10
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JM 04-2010
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Bama and Hades
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Island Mamma
05/08/10 01:55:19PM @island-mamma:
Thanks for the info. :)

Island Mamma
05/06/10 09:37:33PM @island-mamma:
Hi just wondering what sister locks involve

05/05/10 02:19:39PM @krissijay:
no problem.

Lonnie Berg
04/23/10 10:24:14AM @lonnie-berg:
( ( ( ( ( ( BIG HUGGZZ ) ) ) ) ) )

Jason Escoffery
04/21/10 03:58:55PM @jason-escoffery:
thanks for the friend request. One Love and Jah Bless!

Lonnie Berg
04/16/10 03:42:15PM @lonnie-berg:
Your daughter is soooo pretty, like daughter like mother.....

Lonnie Berg
04/16/10 10:14:33AM @lonnie-berg:
You gotta date Sweet One

Lonnie Berg
04/15/10 11:42:13PM @lonnie-berg:
I'm holding ya to them entertaining moments....Wanna Dance?

Asian Kaleb
04/15/10 08:08:14PM @asian-kaleb:
Power to the interlocks! So.. no problems with weak points or stuff?? do you use any hair products? Just looking for friendly insight :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/15/10 02:03:32PM @soaring-eagle:
that may or mat not be true but they indescrimunately do it on ppl whos dreads then end up falling offits better yo just not recomend it ever

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