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Janeen Toteanu


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/11/11 10:59:19AM @soaring-eagle:

u spewnt 150 on a dread kit? i hope u combed em out and started over yea it is a rippoff and a scam

i think every single person harmed by the kits should fike a complaint with the bbb

glad u found us

12/12/11 05:51:49PM @naomi:

Will you be my friend?? ;)

09/26/10 02:09:57PM @yacob-paul-yelton:
Hi again Katharine.nice 2 meet uAre you interest in Buddhism.Certainly! i'm Buddhism.Have you been to Thailand?

09/25/10 07:34:38PM @yacob-paul-yelton:

Charlene Dengle
08/20/10 01:18:41AM @drei-z:
thank you

08/19/10 09:15:58AM @maurice:

denise iesha alice shannon
08/14/10 01:07:42AM @cindy-lillemo:
Simply Pisces, Charming Ganesh and the Necklace that Started it favorites! Your work is sooo beautiful! Wow! I am impressed! I can see why we missed you for awhile. I really love all the leaves throughout..simple yet very elegant and full of impact. Please make more...I hope I can get one : ) Oh, and thank you about my dreads...I hope they end up half as good as some I have seen here. Some days it is hard to be hopeful...other days i don't care one way or another! Lol

denise iesha alice shannon
08/13/10 01:36:56AM @cindy-lillemo:
Hey Pixie! Don't be gone so long, I missed you!!! Where is the jewelery you been making, I wanna see...Hope everything else is going okay? Anything new? Check out my new pic of my hair, it will make you laugh! In it I am covering my face cuz i just woke up and my hair...well, you'll see!! Lol I guess it means i am progressing...Ha! Sending you a rainbow and love.

Angel De La Riva
08/01/10 12:30:14PM @kendle:
thanks for the pic comment,,,,,, hope you have a wonderful day today wonderful....... i love you too : P

denise iesha alice shannon
07/31/10 11:13:46PM @cindy-lillemo:
Happy Dready~versary Pixie!!! Hugs and Kisses to you and congratulations my friend!!!!!!

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