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Dread/hair wrapping

3 different ways of how i wrap my baby dreadies. sorry i'm kinda quiet & skiddish it's my first video (suggestions are appreciated)
April Brown
01/06/14 10:10:18AM @april-brown:

I tried a simple criss cross wrap with hemp but it took a lot longer to dry then the rest of dreads so I got scared of mildew. Probably my biggest fear with my dreads.

12/31/12 02:21:02PM @ixchel:

some people put it through but I don't like the idea of poking any holes in my dreads & I would think that if it came unraveled & started to slide down it would start splitting the dread where you sent the string through. I just put it around the lock, but try to get it above a bump so it's less likely to slide down, that was more difficult when they were younger & just lots of stringy fall-apart sections of straight hair, now that they are actually getting some knots, bumps, & texture it stays much better.

12/31/12 02:08:47PM @gabriella:

ok so do i put the hemo thru my hair or under ?

12/31/12 01:15:15PM @ixchel:

this visual might help too (i didn't draw it & don't know who did just found it circulating the net)

12/30/12 05:12:24PM @gabriella:

sweeet! thank u ixchel ur awsume !! thankkksssssssss yoooououuu

12/30/12 01:03:18PM @ixchel:

i will do another video here shortly & use hemp this time (had been waiting for my dreads to form instead of just a ton of loose hair hah, took me a bit!) I will try to do a close up & show all the details & break it down really well for ya'll. you don't really want to get it up over the roots because your roots should be loose & allowed to move, i normally leave a bit of space at the roots & the tips & change the wraps often so i'm not strangling any dreads from shrinking or letting the string get eaten up.

12/30/12 11:02:26AM @gabriella:

i like this video alot .. but i got hemp and i wanted my dread right from the root... ? could u make a video on that and im really confused with the knotting of hemp ): HELP

Dawn Zimmerman
11/21/12 12:22:16PM @dawn-zimmerman:
Great video, thank for sharing!

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