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4 months

By: Ixchel
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Despite some coaxing along we are still going snails pace in progress. But it's fine. While I'd love a loop or knot there is a peace in just letting go & not caring about it. I'm happy just letting my hair fall free & whatever. I've had a couple issues when my 8 month old got her grabby fingers caught in my layers, she pulled out some hair but it seems my sections are all still intact, heck maybe she messed it up more & helped me along (i can hope!) After taking the pictures for 4 months of the back of my head I actually laughed out loud looking at them, & smiled. When starting this journey I thought heck knots form overnight this will be cake, I'll have progress in no time. I worried about the rats nest I'd have overnight & how hard it would be to separate & bead/wrap it. How silly I was :) At this pace I haven't had to worry about such things, & it's probably just the right pace for me. They know how to form, they know when to form, they will find their own way, in time.

I wash with the liquid nag champa. I love it so much. I also have used the gel on my sections when they are noticeable. I do baking soda washes every once in a while. I have even done a few pastes to try to roughen my hair up & encourage knots. I use sea salt sprays sometimes, or use it in my bs wash. I've used lemon juice to try & lighten my dye job but haven't noticed any difference. I have a tam i've worn a few times, and I wore it to bed for a while, now I just have a wool pillowcase but I'm taking some time off from that to see if it's hindering instead of helping progress.

The beads I have all slip out of my sections so I went to the garage looking for smaller ones, I uncovered a load of hemp thread (YAY WRAPS!) & a couple small beads. I used the beads & lost a bunch of them already, i wrapped a couple sections & plan on wrapping up a few more today. I have enough of the thread to last me a while. I think the beads or wraps kinda helped my sections tighten & stick, no big changes. Maybe if i keep adding them over time it will show.

If you get frustrated with progress, aren't seeing anything one day take some motion photos. It's a new awesome view, even with little progress they seem to turn out pretty great! You'll get some kewl photos & a messy head :)

Even without the loops & knots I crave I'm enjoying my locks for what they are each day. Despite changing slow they do change daily, my sections tighten a little, or split in half or congo. I haven't separated at all yet, they have been left to work themselves out for now. Most of the sections are very tiny. I'm excited by my little slow changes, & can't wait to see the big milestones when they finally arrive. It's worth the wait. My locks are amazing now, & will be great in time. I love them for all they are & all they aren't yet. They are mine, they are unique, they are lovely :)

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