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Toe Dippin'

By: Ixchel
Posted in:

Reading up on dreading currently. I'm super excited to start. I'm thinking of doing the natural route but I haven't completed my reading up yet so it's still debatable.

Switched to no-poo today & already my hair feels so amazingly soft, why didn't I try this before? (oh yeah because I loved the smell of my conditioner) I don't like the apple cider vinegar smell, so I may be messing with the recipe some, but I'm really enjoying how my hair feels after only 1 day!

I'm planning on going no-poo for a while, putting henna in my hair again to darken it some (it's really really red right now, I want a more brown/red) & then starting the dreading process.

I've always loved the look of dreads, & it makes sense to do it now with kids (won't be able to knot their fingers up in my hair & pull, but they will be able to pull on a dread or two, but I'm assuming it will be less hassle). I've always hated my hair, strawberry blonde wavy & won't hold a style. I resort to cutting it off, dyeing it, & hating it some more. I've only had maybe 3 hair cuts I've ever been satisfied with. I'm hoping I will love my dreads, I think I will.

Just by poking around this site a little bit today I've already learned so much I didn't know dreads & dreading, I can't wait to learn more & put that knowledge to good use!

anna b
02/08/12 11:12:14AM @anna-b:

haha no-poo sounds awesome, i'm also planning to do dreads!! strawberry blonde is an awesome hair colour!! and dont worry dreads look good on everyone, especially the thin ones :)

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