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Location: Orlando, FL
Zipcode: 32837
Country: US


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mojito on south beach.


Mia Elizabeth
06/04/11 10:54:19PM @mia-elizabeth:

When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

Peace & love,


12/14/10 08:14:08PM @aaronthelegend:
Ha ha I did Join Florida dreadies, that's how I knew you were from FL!! I RARELY see any dread heads in Florida, well...besides black dudes. I'm like the only white dude I've seen down here!!!

12/14/10 04:33:32AM @aaronthelegend:
Awesome to have a Florida Dread!!

Mia Elizabeth
09/13/10 01:20:39AM @mia-elizabeth:
Thanks for the add! :)

07/11/10 11:34:08AM @messinja:
greetings, bredda. a while ago you asked what method i used to keep my lox in order. i just found a vid of it! hope this helps explain:

04/26/10 01:23:01AM @messinja:
That's a loaded question haha. It started with a friend sectioning, palm rolling, and waxing. A relationship started with her. No wash for as long as I could hold out... I think it was 2 weeks before I broke out with the Dr. Bronners. Then lots maintenance exchanges between her and I using the floss threading method. For those really itchy scalpy days, we'd boil fresh rosemary and rinse the scalp. Constant palm rolling. After 6 months, I put rubber bands to keep the roots form growing together. As effective as that is, I still (and likely will always) need to floss thread the fly aways. I never have cut them nor have I ever used wax since starting them. Unfortunately, the relationship ended, so my mom and other friends have helped maintain. As a result, they go unkempt for too long at times. I've tried going to a salon for maintenance and they just use way too much product. I'm always looking to partner up with someone in the SF Bay area to do exchanges, so I might scour the boards here and see what I can find and to see if there's anyone in my area.Hope that answers your question :)Bless.

Jason Escoffery
03/13/10 05:15:02PM @jason-escoffery:
Thanks for the add bredren. Bless!

01/08/10 10:17:04AM @dipsoulion:
respect everytime!

12/18/09 04:04:58PM @emily:
hey thanks for the friendship and nice locks!

12/18/09 11:21:40AM @minhocajose:
Saludos espero q. sepas un poquito de espa-ol por q. no hay muchos por aki q. sepan, saludos desde Puerto Rico

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