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Island Mamma


Location: Vancouver Island
Country: CA


youtube videos: 7
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Hula Hop Dancer - Lisa Lottie

Duration: 00:03:40
Hula Hop Dancer on South Bank of London, she's great
05/24/10 10:32:19PM @robb:
Great hooping and dreads!!! Thanks for sharing this

Courtney J
04/30/10 03:31:51AM @courtney-j:
That was amazing! I love hoopers. I'm so jelous cuz I can't even keep it on my hips lol

Island Mamma
03/29/10 06:04:40PM @island-mamma:
Cool, I was looking at hoola hoop making videos too, it looks easy enough....I want to make some with my daughter and nieces this summer and get hoopin' too...

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