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Location: Orange, CA
Zipcode: 92869
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/18/11 02:52:28AM @soaring-eagle:

wellcome just let the rest dread itself natty style

08/16/11 09:49:07AM @chad-white:

U R cooler than a polar bear's toe nail, i mean cooler than a penguin sittin on ice packs, u kick much ass on so many levels , keep rockin out my dear! Righteous!

Jordi Lund
09/29/10 06:47:57PM @marlon-moorer:
hi from France! glad to meet some american people,nice locks!

09/09/10 09:45:44PM @all-i-wish-is-riney:
yo thx for the add i saw your facebook how long have you had dreads?? they look really mature

agrita nyla
05/01/10 11:16:45PM @eric-tobias-marshall:
Hey! I just added you as a friend on facebook not too long ago and on a photo of yours that I'd commented on I saw you'd linked your profile on this site. I visited the site and created an account! =]

Krista Lynne
04/07/10 08:47:18AM @joke:
You gotta put up a pic of your bulldog so I can see!

Candy Lockamy
02/22/10 09:33:16PM @jess-randalsmith:
yeah i want mine to bleach i will be putting lemon juice on them this summer

Candy Lockamy
02/20/10 02:36:24PM @jess-randalsmith:
hey there. i like your dreads in ur main pic. i also like shorter dreads on me cuz im a tomboy and i want the same look that you have

Marie Nadine Pierre
02/05/10 01:37:06PM @rainbow-wannabe:
oya oya,thanks for the friendship mateWHAT!? Arlington, do u know Hank Hill? hahahahahhaha

01/06/10 06:16:55PM @jameela-bailey:
oh and by the way my husband would love ur page cus he loves lil wayne

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