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how to care for orphaned baby mouse?? help!

09/02/10 10:46:18AM
hi, today i found a baby mouse, abandoned, i left it for a bit to see if any other mice came to help it (i hadnt been near it at this point). nothing came so i've put it in a box lined with and old fleece and its crawled into one of the can't be more then a few days old, its bald and its eyes are still shut.i have a small pipette which i can feed it with but im unsure what to feed it on, we get milk straight from the cow here, would that be alright? im thinking i might need to add some sugar or honey to it but im not sure and am trying to find out.I do not have any vets near me and the shop here is very limited so i would not be able to find very specialist stuff. I dont want it to die so please answer quickly if you have any suggestions, if you have ever cared for a young hamster/rat/guineapig/ or other rodent im sure it will be fairly similar. thank you very much, i wil keep looking around too xx
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