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Heather Hammers


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Thin segment of dread--ok to tie in a knot?!

By: Heather Hammers
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Ok, forgive me as this may be a ridiculous question but I was somewhere when I read that it is ok to tie a knot in a thin segment of the dread. In other words, forming a loop with your dread and pulling the end through resulting in a knot at the thin part of the dread. Is this ok to do? I would think that this would inhibit the dread from "dreading."

Knowing that crocheting is frowned upon, what is the recommended method for "fixing" a dreadlock segment that is thinning? My dreads vary in diameter; most in the back are thicker and don't encounter this problem but then I alsohave a few that areskinny (pencil diameter). Most of these skinny dreads are super tight; but I have a couple that are tight but thin in the middle. I don't know why they didn't dread up.

Thanks for the help/feedback!!!!

Heather Hammers
02/20/13 03:58:27PM @heather-hammers:
Thanks, jazzymomma. k, i didn't think tying knots was a good idea. Yeah at beginning I used c needle but not very after at all--only to pull in loose hairs. maybe i just need to be patient and let the area dread up still. i have some areas along the lenght of dread that are tight and then a couple areas about mid-way that tend to be a little loose. maybe I am just too fixated on the idea that they should all look relatively uniform when in reality dreads should be left alone to do their own thing.

02/18/13 06:27:44PM @jazzymomma:

o hun dont tie any knots and dont use c needle to fix anything u might think is wrong, i would have too see ur dreads an more pics to answer fully, but if u used c needle in past that may have damaged them and thinned them in spots, is wat sounds like, it just breaks the hair and weakens the dread causeing holes and weak spots that thin out and keep doing so til break off! check out baba fats video on his page ill link u about it blogs/1-1000/726-tmp556749.png?width=136

there u go hun i hope u read all this before u go any further not saying ur not right or anything but just wanna help :) goodluck beautiful peace and love be with u~jazzymomma

Heather Hammers
02/18/13 05:34:59PM @heather-hammers:

Thank you! Good suggestion:)

the Barrellady
02/18/13 05:13:44PM @the-barrellady:
Hi Heather, you are right, it would inhibit the process, just put a bead on it for now. Your dreads look great by the way. Cheers.

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