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Heather Hammers


Location: Waimanalo, HI
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Thin segment of dread--ok to tie in a knot?!

By Heather Hammers, 2013-02-18

Ok, forgive me as this may be a ridiculous question but I was somewhere when I read that it is ok to tie a knot in a thin segment of the dread. In other words, forming a loop with your dread and pulling the end through resulting in a knot at the thin part of the dread. Is this ok to do? I would think that this would inhibit the dread from "dreading."

Knowing that crocheting is frowned upon, what is the recommended method for "fixing" a dreadlock segment that is thinning? My dreads vary in diameter; most in the back are thicker and don't encounter this problem but then I alsohave a few that areskinny (pencil diameter). Most of these skinny dreads are super tight; but I have a couple that are tight but thin in the middle. I don't know why they didn't dread up.

Thanks for the help/feedback!!!!

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Authentic Coconut oil-Good or bad for dreads?

By Heather Hammers, 2013-02-14

Hello Everyone-- I was wondering if someone could tell me if coconut oil (the real stuff--in the Dr. Bronner's jar) is good for dreadlocks? I have mature locks (3+ years) and read somewhere that coconut oil is good if locks are mature. My regular routine consists of washing with diluted Dr. Bronners and air dryonce a week--nothing more.

<On a side note...I surf and love the way my hair feels when I come out of water. I rinse with freshwater but generally don't wash everytime I surf because I surf 2x or 3x/week. So I wash on weekends>.

Ok, so getting back to coconut oil-- is it good/bad? If it is good, how and when do you apply? My dreads are dry and I need to put some kind of moisture into them.....but don't want to harm them or put something in them that will result in "gunk." Thanks!!!!

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